• a beginners guide to online marketing

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is a book that shows you why Online Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

It’s simple, just not easy. When you find the route YOU need to follow, you make it a lot easier.

When a Wooden Terrace can become an online business, anything can. This is a big part of this book. Even though it is a beginners guide to online marketing, experienced marketers will find areas to improve in their marketing. Here is an excerpt (turn up your volume and use headphones, it gives you a lot better user experience):

This New Guide To Online Marketing shows you all you need to know before you start your very own fairytale on the internet. You probably have questions like these:

  • What is a website, and how do you decide which kind of site that is good for your purpose?
  • What is the workload and how is it possible to make money on a website?
  • How do I get customers to my website, and how do I appear in front of them?
  • How do I know that what I’m presenting on my website will attract people?
  • Who are the people that will be attracted?

From the Foreword:

“Over the years and through a great deal of trial and error, he has become quite convinced (and for very good reason) that anyone anywhere with enough desire and determination to learn and a decent internet connection can become free from the grind of daily labor through e-commerce. I believe him whole-heartedly and so should you. Not just because I say you should believe him. But, because everything that is shared in this book is exactly what I wish I had learned BEFORE I ever began my journey into online business education – and then some. And I do mean – and then some. But best of all, if you’re just naive enough to do exactly what he asks you to do along the way, without question, the results that you will get will speak volumes louder than the praises that I can sing about the contents of this book.”

Gregory Downey (author of “Attracting Miracles – and my secret life as a miracles coach”)

When you know the basics, some SIMPLE FACTS and THE POWER OF ONLINE MARKETING you start getting prepared for making an online business successfully. When you add some knowledge about HOW TO TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT, you are well on your way.

The author found through his research that knowing HOW TO MASTER A PROGRESSIVE SKILLSET, is a must for keeping the spirit you need to run your business smoothly.  By focusing on, always be aware of and know HOW TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES THAT PREVENT SUCCESSyou make the journey a lot more fun and exciting.

When you work alone you need tools to keep up your motivation and you do it best when you DEVELOP A WINNING MINDSETThis is confirmed by all the successful marketers the author studied and read about in the process. It became even clearer as the mindset was developed and has made a significant change of life for the author. You notice the need and the power when you are looking for HOW TO PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS.

May the power and genius of this wonderful literary creation allow you to not to just make a living but to DESIGN THE LIFE YOU TRULY DESERVE. (Gregory Downey in the Foreword)

When you understand how easy you can build a wooden terrace, then use that template for your websites and you are really in a good position for having a great time creating your own online business. Now is always a good time to start.

It’s incredible what is possible, when you just take action on what you love. Use this new beginners guide to draw the map you need to start your own online business and you will understand how this search, by experience, can guide you to the path of your success, just by reading this book.

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An intense study of what works within online marketing made him an author. Odd Helge Hveding is a music teacher, composer, recording trombone player and band leader. His hunt for making his music public lead to an adventurous journey into online marketing. What he found woke up the teacher in him, saying; “People need to know more than this to succeed!”. Helping others by sorting the bits and pieces, has been his speciality for many years within music, but he found a way to give the same service to people who wants to start marketing online. The way you need to work as a musician applies to everyone who wants to succeed, on any level, is what he found and teaches.