Oh2 Musikk AS

CEO: Odd Helge Hveding

is a company residing in the North of Norway. The company is run by the owner and when necessary, others are hired for their skills needed. This is what we do:

You and I and everyone else meet obstacles in life. They can all be removed and replaced with what serves us. I do this through my company, as well as in private life.

I love to be of help and I found that making this public, I reach more people needing what I can offer and it’s amazing to meet so many wonderful people. My interests are all connected to the “why does it have to be like this”– kind of things. Nothing has to be what it is, but  it’s not always so easy to do the necessary changes. I am very curious of many things and I have grown skilled in seeing solutions, and they need to be out there for everyone who needs it.


We help people get their life to the next level.

By reading “How A Wooden Terrace Became An Online Business”, you will get more detailed information about why this site exist. This is my first book, it tells you a lot about online marketing, but it also tells you what you can do to your life to make it better.



– People who are wondering about what online marketing is AND how it can improve your life.

– People who have determined to start an online business, but haven’t found a great solution.

– People looking for ways to improve their business, and what it takes to get to the next level.

– People wondering about what is wrong with their business and how to fix it.

… and a lot more people, everyone looking for a new option in life. Tell us how this site helps you and we are happy to add it to the list.

This Website, Dollarswantyou.com is my reach out for people who have been economically mistreated on the internet, while trying to make an honest, reliable income. There are many companies meaning well, but not capable of serving people what they really need to succeed. You might not be satisfied here either, but my goal is to help you get started and I would love to follow you until you succeed. By working together, and doing the work, everything is possible. We just need to be ready for what is coming and prepare for the success to come. This is possible, without losing all your money in advance. You shouldn’t spend more than the necessary investments to make a success.



By using methods well known within music circles,

adding some “magic” and

using the right mindset,

you can do whatever you want.

This is where we start the courses you find here.

I know how it works (and I’m constantly getting better), and I also know how to get you to the next level.

Together we will find your path to your success.



Here are some of my experiences in life. You will “visit” them and learn from them to make your own:

How to find what You need to succeed and

What you will meet on the way,

How you can deal with it, and

How to turn what looks like a failure into a success, and

All the technical issues you need,

How to find the solutions you’re looking for

And more…


There are so many things you get prepared for

when you join in here,

you will probably surprise yourself.

You are capable of anything you want, but you have to prepare for it, and that is what this site is about and

that is why this site exists.



My life is about showing you and others like you, how you can take care of what is good in your life, while I take care of what is good in mine.

My life consists of wonderful people, a few trombones, dreams and the pleasure of helping out. I compose, I play, I conduct, I teach – all Music is of interest. My family should not suffer from it, so I’ve turned my life into being present for those who need me, in a way that serves both parts.

Odd Helge Hveding, owner of Oh2MusikkAS